Miscellaneous (sponges, rolls, sheets, slip cloth, paper on sponge)

1.Abrasive sponges - for flexible foam substrate or sponge of varied hardness, abrasive is applied. It is the perfect material for grinding irregular shapes, surfaces and edges. Properly selected sponge hardness allows you to collect large oversize material without creating a scratch.

We offer two-sided, four-sided sponges and abrasive paper on rollers sponges in a wide range of granulation.

Abrasive sponges can be used for wood, metal, paint, varnish and many other materials

2. Exchangeble heads for grinders

3. Graphite Canvas


  • It ease the slipping of the endless tape
  • Reduces the usage of abrasive matirial
  • Reduces the operating temperature

4. Depreciation / regeneration pad


  • quick montage
  • reusable
  • avilable in many sizes
  • avilable in 2 thicknesses 5mm and 10mm
  • reduces the usage of grinding heads
  • wide use in griding processes 
  • fits most of the grinding heads


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